Williamsburg Now Has a Pugs-Only Dog Walker

Pug Dog 7

If you trust a person from Reddit with your pet, and if that pet happens to be a pug, do we have the internet stranger for you: Redditor Gedalya, who’s offered up their services as a dog walker free of charge for Williamsburg-based pugs. From the posting:

“We live in Williamsburg and LOVE pugs! Unfortunately, we can’t have a dog where we live We signed up to volunteer at BARC animal shelter to walk small dogs, but their hours don’t work well with our schedules, so we’re wondering if there’s a pug owner out there who wants a free dog walker! We are thinking Sundays… we can take your little guy or girl to McCarren and all around Williamsburg.”

Which actually seems reasonable enough, or at the very least, not deserving of the “Fuck you” someone left as a response in the comments. If you have a tiny little dog with breathing problems, by all means, get it walked for free.

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