As It Turns Out, Everybody Really IS Leaving New York

I will literally take any excuse to use this photo. Love you, Joan!
I will literally take any excuse to use this photo. Love you, Joan!

So, it’s not just anecdotal information anymore, this notion that absolutely everybody is moving out of New York. There’s now hard statistical data that people aren’t moving to New York City and are, in fact, relocating to practically every where else in the country , including even D.C. Man, that Andrew Sullivan sure is a trend-setter.

A very cool, interactive map has just been released by the University of Wisconsin, which shows the net migration all over the US. Now, obviously, this isn’t just about the people who are moving away from a place, but also about the people moving to a place, but it is still pretty notable that New York City (during the years 2000-2010) actually had a net loss of migrants. Except that is among one very significant group, namely, people between the ages of 15-29. Those people still came to New York City, and to Brooklyn specifically. It was every other age group that fled. So what does this mean? That people are coming to New York for college or post-college and then become hopelessly disillusioned by what life in New York is really all about and go running for the hills? Yeah, that’s pretty much what it means.

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