Checking In With Today’s “Lesser Known” Mayoral Candidates

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In case you haven’t made it out to the polls yet today (or even if you have), NY1 has a wacky “Road to City Hall” roundtable with three of the election’s long-shot mayoral candidates. It is very much worth watching.

In particular, it’s worth watching for War Veterans Party candidate Sam Sloan (pictured right), who was kicked off the Republican ticket after an attempt to run against Joe Lhota, is a former New York taxi driver, and supposedly once stayed in the same “hippie tourist hotel” as Bill de Blasio down in Nicaragua, where he acquired hard and fast evidence that de Blasio is an “extreme radical communist.” Sloan is also a world champion Chinese Checkers competitor. Tax Wall Street Party candidate Randy Credico was also supposedly in Nicaragua around the same time, and spends a not-insignificant amount of his screen time slipping in and out of a Ronald Reagan impression. The video itself doesn’t embed, but just watch. This is our democracy, and it is a delight.

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