One Park Slope Swing Set Keeps Breaking Kids’ Legs


Well, this is pretty nightmarish: something called an “Oodle swing” at a park in Park Slope seems to have been installed incorrectly, resulting in several children breaking their legs. Five of their families are now suing the city.

“It is outrageous when one child is hurt on a device which is moronically set up, but when seven kids break their legs, and this all occurs in a short period of time in a New York City park where children are playing, it’s frightening that no one from the city saw this device set up at this height and shut it down,” a lawyer representing several of the children, one of whom actually need surgery. And, well, no arguments here. This is terrible!

The swing, at Slope Park on Sixth Ave. and 18th St. was apparently “dangerously close to the ground” and not in line with its instructions, according to reports, making it easy for “little legs to get caught.” Ugh. So, in time for the weekend, please be careful on that swing. And on all swings. Just be careful out there in general.

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