Andrew Sullivan Thinks D.C. Is “A Second Brooklyn”


After much public deliberation, Andrew Sullivan has decided to leave New York. Fair enough. It’s not for everybody. But Sullivan’s own “Goodbye to All That” does include an observation we, uh, weren’t totally expecting:

It’s been over a year and I am horribly home-sick. So we’re going to move back to DC next month. I miss my DC apartment (1500 square feet of a school classroom I got for a steal in 1991); I miss my friends, many of whom I’ve known for decades, and some of whom I bonded deeply with during the plague years of my 20s and 30s; I miss the relative calm; I miss the green; I miss the increasing vibrancy of the city – which somehow doesn’t make it harder to live in. I miss the oases of quiet and the energy of a new emerging city that is both a second Brooklyn and a global hub of media and politics.

Yep, yep, all checks out. D.C., Brooklyn, potato, po-tah-to. Time to pack up the whole operation and see if we can’t find a bigger apartment down there, yeah?

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