You Can Now Buy Jonathan Safran Foer’s $14.5 Million Park Slope House

Photo via Douglas Elliman
Photo via Douglas Elliman

What was once idle conjecture is now fact: Jonathan Safran Foer and Nicole Krauss are getting rid of the massive Park Slope home they’ve had since 2005. And for $14.5 million, it can be yours!

As the Daily News points out, this is a pretty huge real estate coup for the couple, who originally bought the place for just (“just”) $5.75 million. They’re almost tripling their money! And seem to have a good amount of experience in the flipping game, having turned a $1.5 million profit on the last Park Slope house they bought and then sold off.

Anyway, if the pictures and description are any indication (they are), the six-bedroom home, which includes private off-street parking and a “conservatory atrium” is pretty incredible. Anyone feel like spotting me $15 million, or just rounding it up to an even 20? Serious inquiries only.

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