Bands with Pans: Celestial Shore

All Photos by Charlene Chae
All Photos by Charlene Chae

Bands With Pans is a series in which we shop for meal ingredients with a Brooklyn-based band or artist on a $20 budget. Next we tag along for the cooking, chatting and—duh—eating. This installment, we bug fuzz-pop heartthrobs Celestial Shore.

My brave photographer and I arrive a few minutes late to find buzzed Celestial Shore lead singer/guitarist Sam Owens and drummer Max Almario at a Williamsburg C-Town. They greet us in a blasé way that seems adorably calculated. They’re charming motherfuckers and that was immediately apparent.

Sam says he plans to make us nachos “so healthy they shouldn’t be nachos.” The shop’s aisles are narrow, barely allowing for contemplation, let alone our camera. Necessary items, Sam tells us, include: red quinoa, curly kale, black beans, cheese and (duh) corn chips. “It has to be blue corn,” Sam says, swirling his fingertips over an imaginary field—perhaps conducting the symphony supporting Pocahontas.


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