Ben Stiller Is Hanging Out In Bushwick This Week, Drinking Lots Of Juices


Fair to say this clocks in as slightly more momentous than the time Anne Hathaway was seen smoking outside Goodbye Blue Monday, but slightly less momentous than the other time when Morgan Freeman and Diane Keaton were spotted filming under the Myrtle-Broadway stop: Ben Stiller has turned into sort of a regular at Owl Juice Pub while he shoots on location near the Jefferson stop, Bushwick Daily reports. Big, big stuff.

So, you have a few options. Post up in the cafe so you can quietly stare and/or avert your eyes when and if he comes in for his daily coffee, maybe even with Adam Driver in tow (both are currently shooting While We’re Young with Noah Baumbach)? Take a bunch of blurry cell phone pics? Try to bond with him over his favorite juice flavor (which is “Evergreen,” reportedly)? Do nothing with this information at all? In difficult times, a difficult decision.

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