McCarren Pool Is Now Also A Skating Rink

Soon to be frozen!
Soon to be frozen!

The McCarren Pool—which has been closed for the season, and which we’d do well to remember this time of year is maybe, probably home to a few ghosts—will double as a cheap skating rink, starting on November 15th, thanks to the Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn.

The addition of the rink (which will go on top of the pool’s sizable deck area, as opposed to frozen pool water) will fix what one advocate called the neighborhood’s status as an “ice rink desert,” and offer relatively cheap admission fees ($8 for adults, $4 for kids, $5 for skate rentals) and lessons in things like hockey, figure skating, and curling. Curling! Just the thing to keep unruly local teenagers busy, as opposed to, say, hockey league games, which the rink will be too small to accommodate, anyway. For the best. It’s pretty safe to say the pool’s (mostly very good) track record would indicate there’s no need to introduce brawl-intensive sports into the mix here.

Nope, figure skating and curling sound like just the ticket. And hopefully will be low key enough not to rile up angry on-site ghosts? Guess we’ll have to wait and see with that one.

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