12 Brooklyn Candy Companies To Try This October

Sure, a strong argument can be made that any time of year is the “right” time to go out and buy a ton of candy. This isn’t wrong. But if there’s any time when it’s not only sanctioned but societally encouraged, it’s the weeks surrounding Halloween.

And with all the hype over the many, many goods that are now being carefully handcrafted in Brooklyn, the borough can occasionally get overlooked as a truly significant hub for candy making, a trade for which it actually has a pretty impressive history. The company that makes Peeps actually started out here! All of which is to say that now feels like the right time to explore some of the best sweets currently being made on this side of the bridge, from raw, ultra-dark chocolate to artisanal marshmallows to classic bon bons. Applicable whether you’re really committed to giving out locally made goods to this year’s trick or treaters (admittedly, an expensive proposition), or just looking for something a little nicer than yet another afternoon bag of pretzel M&Ms.


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