Manhattan’s Officially Over: Chloe Sevigny’s Moving to Brooklyn

chloe sevigny brooklyn
The Guardian

As the It Girl of 90s New York, known for her work with a who’s who of film directors—Larry Clark, Harmony Korine, Whit Stillman, Woody Allen, Olivier Assayas, Lars von Trier, Jim Jarmusch, David Fincher, Werner Herzog and more—Chloe Sevigny came to define Manhattan chic at the turn of the century: model, actress, Vincent Gallo fellater. So does the fact that she’s moving to Brooklyn, having sold her really nice East Village apartment, signal that Manhattan is really, truly, finally over?

Sevigny announced the move in an interview with Town & Country published last week, picked up by Fucked in Park Slope. “She has secured a classic six overlooking Prospect Park,” the magazine reported. (Couldn’t this vague information suggest Prospect Lefferts Garden or even Prospect Park South?) “She’s cagey about her nesting plans (boyfriend as yet unnamed)”—since revealed to be an art director—”but mentions that the building has, auspiciously, a burgeoning population of twins.”

Perhaps this means that Manhattan’s not over, just Sevigny’s life as a Manhattanite—that she’s only doing what so many others have done before her: moving across the bridge to settle down and start a family. Eh, either way, we’ll take her; it’s still like capturing one of Manhattan’s bishops in the ongoing interborough chess match.

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