Brooklyn’s Coolest, Creepiest House to Be Torn Down for Luxury Rentals

111 Clarkson Avenue Brooklyn cool old house

A grand but gone-to-seed Victorian house unlike any other will soon be torn down to make way for luxury rental units, Brownstoner reports. The 111-year-old home, at 111 Clarkson Avenue (around the Flatbush-Prospect Lefferts Garden border), was sold for $2.675 million at the end of September to a developer who asked not to be named. The house would require $1 million in repairs, the broker said, which the buyer deemed financially impractical, so in its place should rise a 50-unit luxury building (it’s a deep lot) with “amazing amenities,” which likely won’t include stained-glass-windowed parlors or grand staircases, as the original home did, nor a metal dome above a long wooden porch or a small wooden balcony on the top floor.

The shitty thing about tearing down this house or any unique building is that we never replace them with anything of equal magnificence; we tear down beautiful old churches to put up blocky schools, big old homes for boxy Fedder homes.

For those looking to wander by a creepy-looking old house now that it’s Halloween season, there’s still always my favorite, 457 Ovington Avenue, which Forgotten NY once described as “a distinctive blond bricked 3-story mansion with a Spanish-style roof. And it is a complete mystery‚Ķno one seems to enter or leave; its old-school wide-slat Venetian blinds are always pulled down, the brownstone gradually chipping, the paint is very gradually peeling away, the iron fence is gradually rusting. It seems to be slowly winding down and fading away.” Just like Brooklyn.

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  1. This is a one-of-a-kind beautiful old home that should be part of historic preservation. It is tragic that Brooklyn preservationists are not up in arms over this magnificent old home with its beautiful woodwork, its lovely winding staircases and stained glass windows, the beautiful floors of wood and tile throughout and the character and charm this house once possessed and can still possess if someone with a love of architecture and history would step up to the plate. the front porch would need to be restored to its fomer glory and repairs could be made.

    All the entertainment people such as actors should think about investing in this home instead of one of the millions of look alike brownstones in Brooklyn.

    This home is so rich in character and I write from experience. My Uncle Joseph Fenimore, once owned this house for many years. I remember visiting as a child many times and always being in awe at its granduer.
    The wonderful huge Chiristmas tree that towered so proudly barely reaching the high ceilings with the cupids painted upon them.

    Whatever restoration is required on this home is worth every penny of it. It is a jewel in Brooklyns crown and irreplaceble.


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