There’s a Tornado Watch in Brooklyn Today!

brooklyn tornado damage

The National Weather Service has issued a tornado watch for several counties in New York State until 5pm 8pm today, including Kings County. Danger signs include a “dark, often greenish sky; large hail, a large, dark, low-lying cloud… [and a] loud roar, similar to a freight train.” Tornado watches are less serious than tornado warnings, meaning only that conditions are favorable for tornados. A decade ago, you could understandably take tornado watches less seriously, but over the last six years tornados have hit Brooklyn with increasing frequency.

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The first tornado to strike the borough in more than 100 years touched down in 2007, tearing most destructively through Sunset Park and Bay Ridge; it was the strongest tornado in modern New York City history. (There had been a few in Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx in the later part of the 20th century.) In 2010, another tornado cut through Brooklyn, hitting Park Slope hardest. Last year, a tornado touched down in Canarsie.

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