The 10 Best Beers for Fall

Photos by Robert Caputo

There is obviously something magical about the first beers of spring: maybe it’s that first time you get to sit outside at a bar, or the first time it’s cool enough at night to drink on your rooftop. But it’s nothing compared to the first beers of fall, when you can drink in those very same outdoor spots, but only if you’re wearing a sweater. The chillier air brings with it more exciting flavors, too. Gone are the citrusy IPAs and light, easy-drinking pilsners of summer, replaced by more robust, maltier options that serve as the perfect transition into winter. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves…


Souther Tier Harvest Ale, 6.7 ABV
It makes sense that, of all the fall beers, this one tends to show up on shelves among the earliest, as it packs a pleasantly hoppy punch that wouldn’t be out of place in the summer months. The floral, piney hop presence, though, is balanced out by a sweet, caramel maltiness that makes it perfectly appropriate for fall.



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