The Daily News Gets The Final Word On This Government Shutdown

Image via NYDN
Image via NYDN

Specifically, “turds.” Which doesn’t technically really rhyme with “cards,” but still. Can you think of a better way to describe a situation in which the people who are paid good money to represent the citizens of the United States and run their government just shut it down entirely, putting hundreds of thousands of people out of work and slowing a still-sputtering economy, all for the sake of not giving them healthcare?

No, “turds” feels pretty right. And is apparently a part of a tradition of on-point Daily News government shut down covers. As Reuters’ Jim Roberts points out on Twitter, 1995’s crisis brought us a pretty good cartoon of Newt Gingrich as a giant, diaper-wearing baby. So, that’s one bright spot to come out of a truly despicable situation, on the off-chance you were looking for one. (NB: “House of Nards” would have also been acceptable.)

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