Get Ready for a Bigger, Fancier McCarren Park


  • Image via Beards, Books, Boroughs

Well, here is a nice, easy-to-get-behind civic idea: making McCarren Park much, much larger. And, three years after the initial proposal to expand the park by 33,800 square feet was submitted, it looks like it’s on its way to becoming a reality.

DNAinfo reports that at this juncture, the Parks Department is working to lock down funding for the project, which will convert the stretch of Union between Driggs and North 12th into a pedestrian plaza and thus connect McCarren’s dog run with the southern part of the park.

Unclear exactly when the whole thing will get underway (funding can be a pretty slippery thing), but in the interim, there are plans to start converting that part of Union into a pedestrian area with a “temporary design” by summer 2014. Between that and the plans laid out for the tech triangle downtown, seems like a fair assumption that all of Brooklyn will be interconnected by pleasant pedestrian plazas by oh, 2018?

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