Celina Paiz of La Selva: A Clothing Line Conceived in a Dream Becomes a Reality

Inspiration can be rooted in reality, or it can be more intangible, like something from a dream. Or, as is the case with Celina Paiz, it can come from both. Paiz, who was born in Guatemala but grew up in Miami, had a long career in film before transitioning into the world of clothing design with her line La Selva. “It was the day of the earthquake [August 23, 2011],” Paiz tells us, “and I woke up from a lucid dream. It was about an immigrant girl who decided to try her hand at fashion design. And all of this was just coming out of my deep subconscious. I figured if this person I was dreaming about had all these designs in her head, then I must have all those designs in my head.”


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