A Shopkeeper’s Guide to Brooklyn: In God We Trust’s Shana Tabor

If there’s one store that exemplifies everything we love about Brooklyn fashion, it’s In God We Trust. Owner Shana Tabor opened the first location way back in 2005 (practically eons ago in terms of New Brooklyn history) and has since expanded with a store on Bedford Avenue, another in SoHo, plus the flagship combination store/design studio in Greenpoint. Tabor is known for not onlythe beautiful and whimsical clothes and jewelry she sells but also for being an integral part of the local fashion and design community. She’s an enthusiastic supporter of other designers and shop-owners and was the obvious choice when we needed someone to give us a tour of some of the best places to shop in Brooklyn. Plus, we just really wanted to spend the day goofing around with her. She not only has a great eye—she also drives a van with vanity plates that say “BORING.”


Photos by Heather Phelps-Lipton


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