Beyonce Scared The Hell Out of Someone In Coney Island Last Night


  • Image via Paul Martinka/New York Post

Sometimes, even after you’ve paid money specifically to ride the Wonder Wheel, you’re just really ready to get off the wonder wheel. And sometimes, if Beyonce’s around, her fans are so loud that, in all seriousness, no one can hear you scream. This, according to the Post, is actually what happened last night in Coney Island, where Beyonce was shooting a new video with Terry Richardson.

Apparently, in preparation for a part of the shoot that would take place on the Wonder Wheel, Beyonce’s handlers temporarily stopped the ride. This didn’t sit well with 47-year-old Doris Hone, who found herself stuck at the top. “When I realized I was stuck up there, we were up there for a while, I started freaking out,” she said. “I’m afraid of heights. I was horrified. I just didn’t understand why they would do that.”

An anonymous snitch friend of Hone’s elaborated: “She was screaming at the top of her lungs, ‘Get me off this ride.’ She was just hysterical up there.” Unfortunately, she didn’t actually manage to get anyone’s attention, and the Post reports that “with all the crazed Beyoncé fans down below, no one could hear Hone’s screams.” Oof.

“I didn’t know at first — but it was Beyoncé,” Hone said. “Ironically, my son is a big fan. I’m just really shaken up.” She also noted that “it would be nice to get an apology,” but Beyonce has yet to comment. Classic power moves, all around.

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