Summer Weekend Guide: Greenpoint


  • Photo via Urban 75

It may not be quite as out of the way as, say, Red Hook, but given the absurd news that it’s supposedly the worst looking neighborhood in Brooklyn—not to mention complaints earlier this week about its supposedly terrible street art—it seems high time time to give Greenpoint the love and respect it deserves, in the form of a summer weekend guide.

And really, it’d be necessary even without a week of odd, unexpected bad press. Even as one of Brooklyn’s most wildly popular (and rapidly gentrifying) neighborhoods, Greenpoint’s position right off the G makes it so that unless you’re already in the area all the time, it’s easy to go months on end without visiting. No more. It’s nice out, we can brave the G (or a shuttle, or a long walk from the L or the J), and it’s been too long since any of us have taken in a metal show, a jello shot, and a plate of pieriogies in the same day. Let’s spend the weekend in Greenpoint.


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