Mosquitos With West Nile Virus Are Spreading in Brooklyn


Another good reason for summer 2013 to be put out of its misery: per the Brooklyn Eagle, the borough is being quietly overrun with West Nile-infected mosquitos, a problem that’s been “spreading rapidly” since it was first detected at the beginning of the month.

According to newly released Department of Health data, the virus, which killed six people last year (and infected several others in Brooklyn) has been found in Dyker Heights, Broadway Junction, Gravesend, Georgetown, Farragut, Flatbush, Greenwood Heights and Canarsie.

So, this is shitty. And even the official DOH recommendations kind of indicate that there’s not a lot to be done about it, other than things you’ve probably been doing anyway (putting tight-fitting screens in windows, wearing bug repellant, etc.) Just… something worth keeping an eye on. Especially if you’re prone to some of its more symptoms, like “feeling tired” or “disorientation.” So, all of us?

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