Some Good News and Some Bad News About Park Slope


  • Photo via Trip Advisor

None of which is really anything we didn’t already know. Earlier this week, CNN Money dubbed Park Slope the very best big city neighborhood in all of America. It’s a pretty big honor, and if we put aside tired stroller or co-op complaints, really, one that’s well deserved. Like most fancy things, there’s a good reason this place is so expensive and popular.

But, as the Observer points out, it’s so expensive and popular that it’s also the fourth most unaffordable neighborhood on the list (and most likely one of the least affordable in the entire U.S.). Being the only neighborhood based in New York, it’s no surprise that the real estate here is the most expensive of the bunch, even in list packed with high-end yuppie neighborhoods. But what with wage stagnation (assuming that’s a thing that affects people wealthy enough to own homes in Park Slope), median income in the neighborhood is only the fourth highest on the list, meaning residents are spending a disproportionately high percentage of their money on outrageously high real estate prices. A little depressing, but then, really just sort of a heightened version of how the rest of us over-spend on rent in order to live here, too. Well-off home-owners: they’re just like us?

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