Missed Yesterday’s N Train Shark? Here’s a Horrifying Dolphin From The Rockaways


  • Photo via DNAinfo

So, that shark from yesterday was weird and pretty cool, if a little too conveniently timed to coincide with Shark Week (though the Discovery Channel still denies any connection). But it was by no means the only sea animal to appear in an inappropriate urban location.

No, this dolphin also happened to wash up in the Rockaways at Beach 115th St. yesterday morning, and was found, inexplicably, with a rope tied around its middle. The incident is currently under investigation.

And apparently, it’s is all part of perturbing trend, as 21 bottlenose dolphins have already washed up on shores around Long Island this year. For context, that’s more than twice as many as in 2007, the last time there was a weird increase in found dolphins. Enough, in other words, that an uptick in subway sharks is actually starting to sound pretty alright.

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