Prospect Park Maniac Who Attacked Multiple Dogs With an Ice Pick Has Been Caught


So if you needed any more proof that there are some absolutely terrible people in the world, Gothamist reports that a man in Prospect Park has been attacking dogs with an ice pick. AN ICE PICK.

Apparently, this man “has been terrorizing people and their pets in Prospect Park for the past few months, allegedly allowing his dog to attack other pets and then joining in… with an ice pick.” Although news of this violent man had been circulating in the last few months among dog-owners who frequent the park, police and park officials had made little progress in apprehending the offender, and so another, non-violent Brooklyn dog owner put up posters to alert park-goers of this man’s existence and what to do if confronting him and his pit bull. News of the posters was put up on local blog Brooklynian yesterday, and it seems like the posters did their job because commenter “Waldo Iscariot, what am I new?” wrote just a few minutes ago, “The police apparently apprehended the guy this morning and one of the victim-dog’s owners positively IDed the suspect.” On behalf of all dog owners who frequent Prospect Park, can I just say, what a fucking relief.

And, also, if you or anyone you know encountered this man, his pit bull, and his ice pick in the last few months, please contact the NYPD at the 78th Precinct at (718) 636-6411 or the Parks Enforcement Patrol at (718) 437-1350 to provide them with more information so that justice against this guy can be served.

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