8 Foolproof Brooklyn First Dates

Itll be just like this.

  • It’ll be just like this.

Spring gets a lot of credit for being a relatively romantic time of year, which is fine, and makes enough sense. But really, when it comes to actually meeting people, there’s no time like summer. People are out later, everyone’s wearing less, more parties are thrown, etc. Which is all great, of course, but it also means navigating a lot more first dates than usual.

Which, when you think about it, is actually a pretty specific skill set! Classic options like movies or a trip to Coney Island become weird and loaded, because who really wants to spend multiple hours sitting in silence next to a person whose taste and reactions you don’t really know, or trying to make small talk with a virtual stranger on a long, long train ride? Well, probably masochists who deserve each other. But regardless, there are other choices out there. We’ve got you.


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