Leaving Brooklyn: Where to Take Your New York City Vacations In the Other Four Boroughs

No need to even pack your bags!

  • No need to even pack your bags!

Wouldn’t it be nice if we all had summer homes in some little town in the Berskshires or on the beach in Block Island or somewhere else that’s really nice and begins with the letter “B”? Yes. Yes, it would. But we don’t all have that, and so we must forge on through the summer, through the hot and humid days and through the extraordinarily beautiful days we’ve been enjoying lately, and do our best to enjoy staying in New York City when it seems like everyone else has decamped to someplace better. And as much as we love to recommend places within Brooklyn to staycation (oh, what a word that is), this time we’re branching out a little, and recommending the best places to vacation in New York City that are not even in Brooklyn. Yes! That’s right. You want to get the hell out of Brooklyn? Well, you will! But you can travel for nothing more than the cost of a Metrocard swipe. And, assuming you have an unlimited card, that means all these trips are free. Free! Everything’s better when it’s free. So go, now. Go.


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