Brooklyn’s Best Restaurant Staycations

Why would you ever want to leave?

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  • Why would you ever want to leave?

When the term “staycation” became part of the public lexicon a few years ago, it kind of removed the sting of never really going anywhere. Hey, you might not be going on that hiking trip through the Peruvian mountains this year, but at least you’ll have the opportunity to explore your city in a way you hadn’t before. But you know what? After three straight summers of seriously deluding ourselves, the shine is pretty much off the apple. And it officially sucks to see your friends posting pictures of themselves on Facebook, frolicking in the dazzling blue waters of the Caribbean while you’re contending with swirling waves of refuse on Coney Island. But if there’s one teensy consolation, it’s this…while you may not get to consume tacos at some beachfront cafecito in Mexico, with a dining scene as wide-ranging as Brooklyn’s, you can kind of pretend that you are. So crop those pictures in real tight of you eating Cacio e Pepe at Antica Pesa in Williamsburg, and you just might convince your Facebook friends that you’re living high on the hog in Rome.


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