The Not for Tourists Dining Guide

Dont stand on line for Grimaldis!

  • Don’t stand on line for Grimaldi’s!

Sometimes it can be fun to be a wide-eyed, unapologetic tourist, hanging off the side of a double decker bus while excitedly aiming your iPhone camera at towering city landmarks and the teeming masses below. We’ve even been known to behave this way as an ironic, cash-poor New Yorker, determined to make the most of our forced staycation by finally walking the Brooklyn Bridge, or visiting that Statue of Liberty we’ve heard so much about. But while we occasionally endorse adopting the kitschy itinerary of a visiting tourist, we would never, NEVER, condone eating like one. Not when our particular borough has so many exciting and exotic dining options to choose from. So leave Dallas BBQ and Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. for those clueless Manhattan visitors, and follow up your day of sightseeing with Brooklyn’s more unique, off the beaten path eats.


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