Top 10 Things You Can Only Do In Brooklyn

Brooklyn, you are beautiful.

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  • Brooklyn, you are beautiful.

Let’s face it, the saying “Only in New York” just doesn’t mean what it used to. Chain stores line Broadway and Starbucks is more ubiquitous than the Anthora coffee cup ever was. And despite the always present fear that the mallification of Manhattan will take over Brooklyn as well, it hasn’t happened quite yet. Brooklyn might get mocked for the fact that everything is artisanal, but the truth is, that’s part of what makes Brooklyn special. There are experiences you can have here that you just can’t have anywhere else. So while Manhattan might still get the bulk of the tourist population looking to scrounge up good deals at the Herald Square H&M, here are the top 10 things that any visitor—or resident—of Brooklyn can do here that they can’t do anywhere else.



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