Bar Crawl: 10 Essential Brooklyn Bars, And Where To Go Nearby


Sure, it may seem like we make a lot of excuses to tell you about bars we like. That’s not exactly untrue. But then, there’s also a very real and legitimate case to be made for the virtues of bar hopping as an essential facet of any travel experience, right behind landmarks and food on the list of things you need to take in if you hope to understand a little bit more about the place you’re visiting and the people who live there (or, for that matter, if you want to actually meet and get to know them).

Plus, Brooklyn’s got a lot of bars. Arguably a gratuitous amount. And there’s something for everyone in nearly every neighborhood, whether your thing is the carefully styled nouveau dive, the actual dive, immaculate cocktails, dirt cheap beer, incredibly rare, temperature-controlled beer, dancing until you sweat through your shirt, or just a nice, quiet place to drink whiskey and listen to decent music in peace after a day of sight-seeing. There are far, far too many to try to get to all of them over a relatively short (or even a relatively long) period of time without pretty grave consequences to both your health and your budget. As such, we’ve put together 10 of the most beloved, quintessential local bars we think any visitor to Brooklyn should spend a little time in. And, of course, suggestions for places you should check out nearby. Nothing says “exploring a city” like moving your drinking to a second (and a third, and a fourth…) location.


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