Which Mayoral Candidate Is the Legit “Bike Candidate”?

Janette Sadik-Khan

  • The only good thing Bloomberg ever did

In matters of, say, free speech, Bloomberg’s legacy is reprehensible. But in other areas, like transportation, he’s been great—though really it was just by appointing, and supporting, as transportation commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan, who sought to transform the city’s 19th-century roads into 21st-century streets with hundreds of miles of bike lanes and new pedestrian plazas, defying the Robert Moses tradition that has defined New York for a century. Polls show overwhelming support for bike lanes—66 percent last summer—and so you’ve seen every major mayoral candidate express support for bike lanes, too, despite powerful, soap-box-equipped detractors like former DOT commissioner Iris Weinshall (aka Mrs. Chuck Schumer), outgoing Borough President Marty Markowitz, Daily News moron columnist Denis Hamill, Wall Street Journal lunatic editorial writer Dorothy Rabinowitz, and, well, a former congressmember and dick-pic-tweeter now running for mayor. [photo]


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