Can’t Get Into The Club? Call “Uncle” Bloomberg

Club kids.

  • James Keivom/NYDN
  • Club kids.

I mean, if you’re still calling it the club and not the clurb, that’s probably why no one’s letting you in, but if even that doesn’t work, making up a fake relationship to Mayor Bloomberg seems to work just fine. At least according to the New York Post, which published a weird, short little news item today about a guy who’s been seen “rolling into hot spots with four or five large bodyguards at a time” and “demanding VIP treatment” using the name Dan Bloomberg.

Which is so brilliant in its odd, ballsy simplicity that we sort of wish we had thought of it? If we ever had occasion or desire to go to Lavo or Marquee? Anyway, per the Post, this guy doesn’t actually use his fake clout to get free drinks (idiot), but is still sort of a dick about the whole thing. According to an “insider:”

“He’s high-maintenance. He likes the best tables. He pays his way. But he’s on his phone most of the time.”

He’s also, according to the current working theory, a Midtown real estate broker, and no relation at all to the mayor, who reps confirm doesn’t even have a nephew on this earth. Counterpoint? When the Post called the broker they think has been pulling this stunt (“club prank,” if you will), the only response they got was, “Is this a joke? I don’t have time for pranks.” Which sounds a lot like something real Bloomberg would say, don’t you think?

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