Now Wear This: 10 Fashion Fixes for Your Holiday Weekend

Look! Its Brooklyns own Michelle Williams.

  • Look! It’s Brooklyn’s own Michelle Williams.

Holidays and long weekends are great and everything, but there’s always so much to do. And a lot of the things that you have to do involve looking nice. So, in honor of looking nice, and in honor of, um, America, I’ve pulled together a list of all the clothes that I want to be wearing this weekend. Whether you’re at Brighton Beach or your camp friend’s wedding or even if you’re just lying around in your un-air-conditioned apartment with a bag of frozen peaches under your neck so that you don’t cry from the heat (that’d be me!), you’ll find something on these pages to wear, and possibly ruin with all the sweating you’re bound to do. It’s going to be really hot this weekend you guys. Be prepared.


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