Summer Weekend Guide: Red Hook


  • Photo via Inhabitat

Now, without bandying around the term “staycation” more than is necessary (which is never), there’s really something to be said for using your weekends to explore the city you live in. Brooklyn is a big place, and all that! It can be far, far too easy to get stuck in comfortable, neighborhood-centric weekend ruts (“Ugh, getting to Williamsburg from Bushwick? But it’s so farrrrr“), which isn’t necessarily bad, but given that the weather’s finally nice and most of us now have summer Fridays to play around with, no time like to present to see a few new things.

And one of the best places to do that, we think, is Red Hook. Newly revitalized in the past few years but also in sore need of a boost to local businesses in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the neighborhood is out-of-the-way enough for most people that it’s worth coming early and making a day of it. Come hungry. Incredibly hungry. Or, like that song says, “Have a drink/Have a [city-sponsored boat ride]/Go out and see what you can find.” Anyway, Red Hook!


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