5 Summer Cocktails To Get You Through This Miserable Heat

The adult equivalent of this.

  • Ephemeral New York
  • The adult equivalent of this.

A lot of different people have a lot of different advice about staying sane in heat like this (drink hot drinks, drink cold drinks, put ice packs on your wrists or whatever) and while most of it’s probably well-meant, I’m skeptical about how much any of these coping mechanisms ever really change anything.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and anyway, if there’s one source of discomfort in this world you really, really can’t do anything about, it’s the weather. Meaning, no time like the present to start drinking. Whatever you lose in mild dehydration (easily fixed), you’ll gain in peace of mind, a distracting buzz, and a vague connection to generations past, who’ve spent literal centuries perfecting cool, refreshing permutations of alcohol, all for your current benefit. It’d actually be sort of terrible to ignore all their hard work! So, with that and mind, let’s look at five of the very best drinks for taking your mind off the crippling heat, and the places in Brooklyn that make them best. Many of which also have air conditioning.


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