Top 10 Food Trends of the Last Decade, and Where You Can Still Go to Eat Them

The cronut!

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  • The cronut!

With the introduction this spring of the cronut by Dominique Ansel, New Yorkers got their first taste of a brand new food trend. Exciting! The cronut—a cross between a croissant and a donut—follows in the illustrious footsteps of such foods as the cupcake (RIP, cupcakes) and the kale salad (still going strong!) as a food item that every self-respecting New York foodie (which, they all tend to, um, respect themselves a lot) obsesses over.

But what about all those other food and drink trends that came before the cronut? What happens to them when they no longer hold the spotlight in our food-obsessed culture? Some of them—like the once popular Cosmopolitan—die a slow death before fading into obscurity, where they rightfully belong, while others demonstrate much-deserved staying power, and become an entrenched part of the culinary world. I’m not really sure that the cronut will have the longevity of the now maligned cupcake—it seems far too niche-y for ubiquity—but think that there’s a chance that the cronut’s popularity will signal a renewed respect for decadent breakfast pastries. Whether or not that actually happens, though, here’s a look back at ten food trends of the last decade that have become a seemingly permanent part of New York’s food culture.


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