Prospect Park Is Finally Starting Its Slow Recovery From GoogaMooga

A month after this year’s rainy, notoriously bad-for-the-grass Great GoogaMooga, Prospect Park’s Nethermead meadow is just now beginning the process of re-seeding the huge patches of dirt left the festival left behind. As with every single other thing going on so far this summer, the problem has been rain, which reportedly delayed the process.

Not that an earlier start would have made much of a difference, if you were hoping to actually visit the meadow at its best some time over the next few months. The re-seeding process is a slow one, and it’ll be about six months before the grass is fully back to its former state. Sodding would have been a faster, albeit much more expensive option, but a Prospect Park Alliance spokesperson told Gothamist, “Sodding requires much more watering, and we don’t have an irrigation system in place. [It] also requires fertilizer, and we don’t use fertilizer in the park.

So, there you have it. Presumably by the time Nethermead actually has grass again, GoogaMooga’s organizers will have decided whether or not to try the whole thing again next year, and, with TropFest scheduled to take place in the meadow on June 22nd, park officials will have given some serious thought to whether or not the damage incurred by large-scale events is really worth the money.

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