The 8 Best Summertime Dates in Brooklyn


Go to a Cyclones Game

Maybe not a good idea if this is your very first date—baseball games are an intense time commitment, and you probably don’t want to spend like 6 hours or however long with some OKCupid stranger—but if you’re already to the point where you enjoy sitting, snacking, and drinking beer with someone, there aren’t a lot of better places to do it in the summer than at a Cyclones game. The games, which start up in mid-June, are way cheaper than you’d ever find for anything major league, making the whole thing sort of a nice, low-key alternative. But also, not that low-key: Cyclones games are nothing if not reliable for a crazy assortment of theme nights, giveaways, and firework displays (this year’s schedule includes “Jimmy Buffett” and “Girl Power” shows). And nothing says “summer romance” like tchotchkes and fireworks.


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