New York Distilling Company

It’s not a bad thing to be living in an age when small batch distilleries have begun to spring up right in our own backyard, especially when one of those craft distilleries is operated by Tom Potter (formerly of Brooklyn Brewery) and Allen Katz (former chairman of the board of Slow Food USA and host of The Cocktail Hour, a weekly show broadcast on Martha Stewart’s Sirius Satellite Radio channel).

New York Distilling Company, which was founded on the premise of reestablishing New York as a home to craft alcohol, is focused on creating products that are original and of the highest quality in conjunction with what its founders call the “second Golden Age” of the American craft cocktail. Their goals have already been reached with the introduction of their two distinct gins: the Dorothy Parker, which is bright and citrusy, and the Perry’s Tot Naval Strength, which is remarkably smooth despite its 57% alcohol content. Each of these gins is enough to whet our appetite for the introduction of the American Rye that the distillery has been perfecting. In the meantime, summer is the perfect time to knock back some gin, especially at the New York Distilling Company’s very own full-service liquor bar, The Shanty. It would be perfectly in keeping with the spirit of Dorothy Parker to enjoy her namesake drink, The Acerbic Mrs. Parker. Comprised of Dorothy Parker gin, lemon and hibiscus syrup, it’s the perfect way to celebrate the return of craft distilleries to Brooklyn.

New York Distilling Company; 405 Leonard Street

Photos by David Loaiza


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