8 Kinds of Brooklyn-Made Ice Cream You Should Be Eating This Summer


Even if you’re really just in the habit of mainlining it all 12 months of the year, I would say that it’s totally fair and reasonable to call summertime “ice cream season.” Meaning, then, that it’s totally fair and reasonable to eat a completely obscene amount of it this summer, yes?

Cool. But what kind of ice cream will you be eating an obscene amount of? It’s sort of presumptuous of Mister Softee to assume we’re all at his beck and call every hour of the day, and outrageously good though those little Snickers and Butterfinger ice cream bars at the deli may be (seriously, better than the original candy), we probably shouldn’t be eating them that often. Seems like an ideal time to get acquainted (or even just re-acquainted) with the companies turning out stellar, thoughtfully-made ice cream right here in Brooklyn. You can try every single one of them immediately, or stretch this out as a summer-long project, or both, I guess. What you do with this information is up to you.


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