This Is The Worst Building Super In The History Of Brooklyn

Not weed.

  • Not weed.

Yesterday we explored what is arguably the very worst room in Brooklyn, but hey, no need to worry, there are plenty of “worsts” to go around here! So now, let’s talk a guy who I’m pretty sure just earned himself the mantle of “worst super in Brooklyn.”

See, in an otherwise normal Prospect Lefferts Gardens building, superintendent Christian Delarosa—who, it must be said, sounds pretty diligent other than this glaring, unfathomable mishap—headed up to the roof to check on possible rain damage. What did he find? A small rooftop garden in the form of solo cups, full of budding tomato plants. What did he do? Google image search marijuana on his phone and call in a weed complaint to the cops.

“I don’t know much about plants. I’m not too good with that, Delarosa told the Daily News. “When I saw them, the first thing I thought was ‘Oh, my God.’ Right there I looked it up on my phone and they looked close to marijuana plants, but I thought I should call someone who knew about plants, so I called the police.” Per the Daily News, “The owner of the plants has not been identified, and the investigation has been closed.”

What can you even say to this? Well, besides nuh-nuh-nuh-narcity narc narc McNaaaarc. I’ll be quietly screaming that to myself at my desk for a little while longer, if no one minds.

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