Everything You Need To Know About The Rockaways This Summer


So, it might be an unmitigated disaster outside today (pro tip: wearing loafers is actually a terrible idea, don’t do it), but soon! It will be beach season. Instead of wet, rapidly-molding socks encasing your feet, it will be sand, and mystery ocean trash!

Sadly, it won’t be the mystery ocean trash of Fort Tilden, which is still too damaged by Hurricane Sandy to be open to the public this summer, but you know what other beloved beach will be open? The Rockaways. The Queens beach may have taken a battering during the storm, but in a few short weeks, it’ll be open for business. Not without a few big changes, though. As we willfully ignore our surroundings and plan for a time of Summer Fridays and day-drinking, best to start planning our strategies now.