David Stark on Home Entertaining and Design

Designer David Stark is not only one of the most renowned event producers in New York City, he’s also a contributing editor to Martha Stewart Weddings‬ and the creative force behind both the Whitney Museum Gala and WWD’s 100th Anniversary event. Out of the twenty-one years Stark has spent in New York City, Brooklyn has been his home for nineteen of them. Stark grew up in Princeton, New Jersey before attending RISD and eventually arriving at SVA for graduate school, and has since dabbled in all facets of design and entertainment. He has even seen a career as an accomplished author, with his fifth book, The Art of the Party, coming out this month.

Stark originally moved to his current building in Brooklyn for the residential space but it soon became more of a workplace. Eventually buying the building, ‘David Stark Design and Production’ is now where his apartment and studio are. The combination of the two blur the lines between his home and his career but ultimately, it all remains his art.

Stark is proud to call Brooklyn home, as it is an excellent place for creative types while simultaneously containing the same highlights of Manhattan. He sees Brooklyn as a series of vibrant neighborhoods with a huge range of cultures. ‪There is a fusion of people from all different walks of life, great food, beauty, and tradition, but it is also ever-so-slightly removed, giving it a sense of calm.

With The Art of the Party launching at Bergdorf Goodman, it’s clear the creativity of David Stark is endless. In his new book, he takes a closer look at the process of these spectacular events—after all, Stark’s name may be on the door, but he credits his many essential team members in pulling it all off. His motto? “If the party is the feature film, then the invitation is the coming attraction.” Whether it’s entertaining at home or an event at the MOMA, Stark’s magic touch is what makes every occasion feel like once-in-a-lifetime events.



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