6 Great Brooklyn Vegetarian Restaurants NOT in Williamsburg

Maimonide of Brooklyn vegan restaurant

Gothamist published a post this week listing the 10 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in NYC, but by NYC they just meant Manhattan. Two Brooklyn spots show up on the list, sort of: they’re Wild Ginger and ‘sNice, both great, and both of which have multiple locations throughout the city, some of which happen to be in Brooklyn. Our own Virginia Smith recently did a good job of running down some great places to get fake meat, though it was made up almost entirely of spots in North Brooklyn (and Queens!). But vegetarian restaurants are not limited to Williamsburg and Manhattan: while far-flung regions like Bay Ridge may still not have a vegetarian restaurant—though Little Cupcake offers vegan baked goods whaaaat—the veg lifestyle exists in points south of Flushing Avenue. Here’s a bunch of examples. [photo]


  1. The veggie burger at MOB is aaaaaamazing. AMAZING. There is some crazy sauce that they told us the totally normal ingredients of and I swear to you it is inexplicable and magical.

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