6 Different Factions That Are Pissed At Citi Bike


  • Mary Frost/Brooklyn Eagle

Citi Bike: is it the “fun, efficient and convenient” new transportation option the city envisions it to be? The worst thing that’s ever happened to New York? Well-intentioned but poorly executed? None of those things? It’s tough to say definitively, as the program hasn’t actually launched yet, but already, people are upset.

Pissed, even! Granted, they seem to be a significant minority—most people assume we can all find to make this work, and pro-Citi Bike demonstrators actually showed up outside last night’s heated forum—but, still, some people are pissed, and they are vocal. Not necessarily for the same reasons, though. Since we can’t be outside riding city-provided bikes in the sun (yet), let’s take a quick look at who hates these nice new bikes, and why.