Does Anyone Care That Lena Dunham Might Move to Williamsburg?

I dont care about Lena Dunham living here, but I do care about me living here. Thats an amazing roof deck.

  • I don’t care about Lena Dunham living here, but I do care about me living here. That’s an amazing roof deck.

I guess the real question is should anyone care that Lena Dunham might move to Williamsburg. To which the answer obviously is, yes. Some people should care. Her mom. Her dad. Her friends. That guy from fun., because she dates him. He should care. Her dog. Should anyone else care?

God, no. No one else should care. But people do. You probably do, because you’re reading this. I guess I sort of do because I’m posting this. The people at the Daily News care so much that they even perused Dunham’s Instagram in order to come up with “evidence” that she was intending to move. Did they unearth anything? You bet they did. The News reports that Dunham posted this gem: “’Do you think it’s weird to bring my dog to see a realtor?’… in a text message to a friend that she later posted on Instagram.”

So why again is it news that a wealthy celebrity wants to buy an expensive apartment? Is it because it’s Lena Dunham? Is it because it’s Brooklyn and, specifically, Williamsburg? Is it because there’s a mention of Instagram on there? I don’t know. I know nothing anymore. All I know is that I want that roof deck. I really, really want it. Just with totally different furniture.

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