Is Greenpoint Cool Enough to Justify a $3 Million Loft?


Granted, in a lot of neighborhoods, a $3 million asking price for a loft wouldn’t really raise any eyebrows. But in Greenpoint — which, in spite of rapidly rising prices, hasn’t seen a higher-priced real estate deal than last year’s $2.5 million sale of an actual 3-story house — the sale would be record-breaking, in a big way.

Not that that will stop anyone from trying. The Observer reported yesterday that Citi Habitats is shopping a $3 million, 3,265-square-foot loft at 190 West Street, thanks in part to work with a developer they say “Got in ahead of everyone else […] They saw the potential, and developed some units.”

Which, of course, is not exactly a dumb thing to do in the Brooklyn real estate market these days. Especially in an attractive, family-friendly neighborhood that’s now featured prominently on HBO. Still, skeptics wonder if the loft, which has just 3 windows and a soon-to-be-blocked-by-construction view of the East River, will actually sell for its asking price in a neighborhood that hasn’t fully succumbed to rapid condo and loft development, and, for the type of person willing to drop $3 million on a loft space, comes with relatively few amenities. “For someone looking for a more manufactured loft rather than a genuine loft, it might not appeal, if someone needs a doorman or whatever,” admitted John Tarjavaara, the building’s agent. “But it’s a genuine loft — this is how they come.” And this is how everyone else gets priced out.

[Update]: Apparently, the property has been snapped up, as its listing is now marked as “no longer available.” The question of whether or not the price is actually justified, I suppose, is still up for debate.

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  1. Yep it’s ridiculous. West St. is a barely paved street where people often dump garbage and it is miles away from any transportation! It is right by the river and much if it flooded during Sandy. The nearest grocery store is several blocks away. Film crews are forever shooting here and all you can do is tolerate it. Many of the empty lots on West St. are populated by feral cats and stench can be horrible, especially in the summer. At night, it is desolate and unwelcoming. I don’t know what the environmental reports for this area reveal but this area is still pretty industrial. For 3 mil I would expect the ultimate in comfort and convenience, and I just don’t see it here!

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