Brooklyn Has Two New Favorite Baby Animals

Lisa! I thought you LOVED me!

  • Julie Larsen Maher/WCS via Gothamist
  • “Lisa! I thought you LOVED me!”

Mitik the baby walrus may finally be ready for his day in the sun, but really, he’s been coy with us for too long. The “hard to get” gambit is tired. And anyway, Brooklyn has some new, seasonally appropriate animals to fawn over, in the form of two new “Babydoll” lambs at the Prospect Park Zoo. Aaah!

Per a Wildlife Conservation Society statement posted on Gothamist:

“[Babydoll sheep] the oldest known purebred sheep in the world. The brother and sister pair was born last month. The male, Arthur, weighed eight pounds at birth while his sister, Brooklyn, weighed six pounds. Both healthy youngsters are gaining weight daily. As adults, Arthur will weigh approximately 175 pounds and Brooklyn 120 pounds. Both Arthur and Brooklyn have delicate features, a diminutive size, and downy coats of pure white.”

So, excellent news all around. If you spend of the rest of the afternoon putting together your next zoo itinerary, Google image searching “babydoll sheep,” and stuffing all of your Mitik fan gear in the trash can outside your apartment, well, we are not here to judge.

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