How Christine Quinn Defanged Paid Sick-Leave

Christine Quinn sick leave

Mayoral hopeful (oh gawd) and City Council Speaker Chrissy Quinn has finally announced support for a version of the Paid Sick Leave bill that she and her biffle Bloomberg were vigorously opposing—the bill that would allow upwards of a million New Yorkers to take a day off of work without losing their jobs or a day of needed pay just because THEY’RE FUCKING SICK. Why? “Ms. Quinn realized that [Councilmember Brewer, the bill’s sponsor] was under increasing pressure from supporters to force the bill to the floor against the speaker’s wishes—an unprecedented maneuver that would potentially make Ms. Quinn look weak,” the Wall Street Journal reports. Politics in action! How does the bill work, and what compromises did Quinn have to insist upon to make it more palatable to the Business Community? [photo]