Spring Breeeeeeeeak! In Brooklyn.

Not Brooklyn.

  • Not Brooklyn.

Every year around this time, when it’s still cold and shitty outside and we’re all still stuck doing whatever it is we do to make enough money to eat, there’s an onslaught of news about young, ca-raaaazy college kids and their signature cultural achievement, Spring Break. This year there’s even a whole movie about it. Geez.

Now, unless you’re an actual college student with the flexibility to go to Cancun or whatever, there’s no real way to take part in the whole thing. Kids have been outsourcing this party to other countries for years in order to rage harder without legal obstruction, and it’s just not the same in America, with the constraints of a real job. However! We can still try, and try in Brooklyn! Get ready everyone, it’s gonna be the best week of our liiiiiiiiiiives!


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